Live Review: The Japanese House

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Credits: Marina Sanli

Hosted in the Edinburgh Caves, the night was opened by the talented Kamran Khan, who also doubles as the bass player for the Japanese House. Warming up an audience is a difficult task, but he and his trusty “bandmate”, aka his wonderful MacBook, did a terrific job. Alternating from slower to more lively songs, they maintaining The Japanese House’s indie pop vibes. After his last piece the crowd was ready for Amber Bain, lead singer of The Japanese House, and the anticipation could be felt in the room. My glasses were steamier and my freedom of movement had definitely decreased.

Credits: Marina Sanli

Having listened to the album prior to the concert, I was very curious as to how the concert would go. The album is quite sad, discussing depression, heartbreak, the death of a loved one. How would all these emotions be expressed in a concert? With a lively and somewhat drunk audience?

Bain stepped onstage with a bang though, jumping up to meet the mic. The energy of the concert was amazing! Bain revamped her songs to fit the mood of a concert. You could feel the drums rumble through your body, everyone was dancing and singing their hearts out to songs titled everybody hates me, you seemed so happy, and somethingfartoogoodtofeel. 

Though I had come to see The Japanese House perform I have to admit that the highlight of the concert was the audience. They were so invested and energetic! Everyone knew the lyrics, everyone wanted to dance and have fun. Bain would even spin the mic towards the crowd asking them sing to her.

Overall, an amazing night and a big thank you to The Japanese House and the amazing audience for making my first ever concert in Scotland so memorable.

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