Late to the Red Wedding

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If you missed all the Game of Thrones hype from the past eight years, it’s not too late to catch up before the final season. 

Now TV has made seasons one to seven available in the entertainment package for £7.99 a month but for box set athletes, two weeks should be enough to binge watch all 72 hours, never mind a month.

Even better news with the free app Unidays, students get 50% off right now. That is seven seasons of Game of Thrones for just £3.99, 20p more than a single pint of Tennants at union and cheaper than a coffee at Starbucks.

This could be a temptingly dangerous proposal considering how many students have dissertations due in less than two weeks, end of year assignments and exams to study for.

Although, the temptation is impossible to ignore, it won’t take long to get pulled into the mystical world of the seven kingdoms, six houses and the hundreds of characters that brought George R.R Martin’s books to life.

From the gruesome murders, family rivalries, to the sultry sex scenes and beautiful lands, it all takes place in, no programme compares to Game of Thrones. That is without mentioning the insanely talented cast including Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington and so many more.

Don’t feel bad you’ve missed so much; Game of Thrones is one of these masterpieces of a programme no matter how good it is to re-watch it, nothing will beat the feeling of watching it for the first time.

Getting excited about it, just in time for the final season eight and not having to wait for all your answers to be solved will be a magical experience.

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