Clubs and Socs face controversial shake up at general meeting

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Clubs and societies could face the introduction of an auditing system if a motion passes at the upcoming general meeting. 

The ‘Club Audit Policy’ is one of four proposals going forward at tonight’s meeting which could restrict the decision making powers of individual clubs, granting the Union further oversight. 

The auditing system, the motion reads, will: “Ensure that clubs act more efficiently and creatively, with committees becoming more accountable to their membership, meaning that more informed membership decisions can be made and club growth can be objectively measured.”

Additionally this will, “give club Treasurers additional tasks other than signing waivers, justifying its existence as an executive post.”

The motion will also monitor the use of Union funding: “Increase the efficiency of the use of Union finances and grants, give the Co-Curricular more meaningful management over club affairs and increase the profile of relatively well-performing clubs and societies throughout the years, preventing bias in favour of established clubs and societies.”

Not only will this mean that the treasurer of the club has more responsibilities and would have to complete a club audit form by the end of each semester.

The co-curricular officer Svea Horn would additionally have to sort and store this information, and be responsible for helping inactive clubs that may not be able to complete the audit forms and report complaints of inactive clubs appropriately to the union.

If the motion passes anyone who has paid the five pounds union membership would be able to access the reports. There are concerns over this as committee members and club members may not be comfortable with any person who has paid the union membership can access this information.

The motion will be voted on at the general meeting tonight, which begins at 5pm and is held in lecture theatre A3 in Cottrell.

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