Student political societies give their views on Brexit

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The political societies on campus about their views on the Brexit  process and student engagement during Brexit.

Brig spoke to the  President of the student Conservative society Craig Docherty , who described the failure of Parliament to indicate it’s favoured Brexit outcome as “very disappointing”, and acknowledged the need for compromise although he had doubts about the chances of a successful compromise saying   “I am concerned that too many parliamentarians have become entrenched in their positions to enable them to reach common ground.”

When asked about his view on the best outcome of Brexit , Docherty outlined his view  that “Brexit will happen one way or another ”  and that leaving the EU without a deal would be the “worst outcome”.

On the topic of a “people’s vote” Docherty said if it was to take place , it should be between whatever Parliament can secure a majority for and a no deal Brexit although he personally  would prefer the Prime Minister’s deal.

When asked if students had been adequately informed and involved  in the Brexit process , Docherty argued  as the student society for the political party which is currently in office they had the opportunity  to ask questions and engage in debate saying:

As a society affiliated to the current government and associated with the local Conservative Association, we have had many opportunities to engage with Stephen Kerr MP, and others, to have questions answered on Brexit and to present our own views

However Docherty did acknowledge that those who are not in any of the political societies may “feel outside” of the process.

Brig also spoke to the Convener of the University’s Scottish Socialist society  Morgan Lewis -Wilson  who described both remaining in the EU and departing from it as “bad options” for students arguing that leaving the European union will not fix many of the problems in the UK but that describing remaining in the EU as a positive option is “farcical” because he argues it is a “bureaucratic bosses club” which has taken   decisions to the “detriment of working people:”


On the best outcome of the Brexit  process , both the society and the party believe it is “an independent socialist Scotland”  saying:

We don’t believe the current system—which allows bosses to accumulate billions while leaving thousands on the streets—is an efficient system to adhere to, and we are willing to fight against it.

When asked about whether students have been adequately informed and engaged with  in the Brexit Process ,   Lewis- Wilson says he believes students “have not been well informed” and that “most students don’t feel strongly about Brexit  ,it’s an issue that few can relate to”  and describes it as “a battle between the ruling classes that will end badly for us as students either way”

Lewis- Wilson encouraged students to get involved in political societies and for those with similar views to the Scottish socialist party to join the student society saying   that ” Brexit is doomed to happen, so instead of moaning about it, students must rally together to make demands that guarantee the betterment of the 99%”.




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