Credit: UoS Cricket/Daniel Walpole

Cricket club to field a strong squad as BUCS season begins

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Credit: UoS Cricket/Daniel Walpole

Stirling University cricket captain Elliott Rousen and vice captain Calum Bickerton spoke to Brig about the club’s year so far, and their preparations for the summer season ahead.

Unlike most clubs, whose seasons are coming to an end, the university cricket season is yet to begin.

They will play their first match in BUCS League 1A at home against Aberdeen 1s on April 22, at Stirling County Cricket Ground.

After reaching the top tier of Scottish student Cricket last year, and placing third, Rousen is optimistic for his team’s prospects. He’s aiming for a top two finish in the league this season, a goal well within reach.

Since September, they have been focusing on fitness and indoor training, in preparation for the league matches which will take place every week from April 22 until the end of May.

The team have gained a lot of new members this year, including a number of freshers. “It’s an issue we’ve not had before, usually we’re struggling for players,” said Rousen. “Now, there’s a bigger group of strong players to choose from, which makes my job very difficult.”

He also added that if recruitment goes well this September then there could be the possibility of fielding two teams next year, which would be a massive step forward for the club.

The club is also boasting a number of individual successes this season. Former cricket president Caitlin Ormiston has just returned from four days of intensive training in La Manga, Spain, where she trained with the Scottish women’s national squad.

Rousen also announced that three of his teammates will be trialling for the SSS team. Louis Ware, Calum Bickerton, and Calum Clarkson will all be looking to make the squad, who represent the best cricketers from Scottish universities.

If chosen, they will play against Marylebone Cricket Club in a prestigious competition, and will separately travel down south to play against the University of Cambridge, and a selection of Irish institutions.

Commenting on their relationship with the Sports Union, Rousen said “it’s been a better year for us. The sports president has done a great job in pointing us in the right direction, as she understands what it’s like to come from a small club.”

Like most small sports teams, the cricket club have struggled with fundraising this year, but vice captain Bickerton has some ideas to tackle this.

“Next year, we will focus on fundraising all year round; I think it’s important to be forward thinking.” Some of their ideas include hosting a tournament with some local teams, bag-packing, and holding a raffle.

Rousen and Bickerton are both optimistic about the future of their club. Rousen said “there are two freshers who have been elected to next year’s committee, which is great for continuation. If all our members continue demonstrating the skills that they have this year, then the club will go from strength to strength.”

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