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Big moves from boxing secure a bright future

The developments made by the Amateur Boxing Club give them a fighting chance for next year.

Credit: UoS Amateur Boxing Club/Daniel Walpole

Amateur boxing has ensured itself a bright future after developing new opportunities for members throughout the last year.

The biggest change was in becoming an affiliated amateur club with Boxing Scotland, meaning members can now participate in shows and fights outside of Stirling University.

Vice president Aaron Coyle said “we have definitely made some improvements, and there are some improvements still to be made next year, but I am optimistic for the future and I can see the club getting much better.”

This year also saw boxers attend BUCS events for the first time, and Coyle was also optimistic that the Boxing Scotland affiliation would bring more people to the club.

“I would like to think that it will increase membership. As an affiliated club we can expand to bringing in people from Stirling and the surrounding area.

“Whether we do that or not depends on the committee, we can stay as a club for students or we could even bring in underage and youth fighters.”

Members of the club have achieved qualifications in Boxing Level One, making them qualified to coach. They are also looking into bringing in outside coaches so that members can become amateur fighters and compete.

Coyle pointed out that you don’t need to fight if you join boxing. “We still have classes for those that don’t want to fight and that are for those who are just interested in fitness.”

Overall, Coyle has high hopes for the club next year, and is looking to attain more members.

“I hope that the boxing club can be more approachable next year. It can be an intimidating sport but there are different aspects.”

People can just come for fitness and technique, they don’t need to fight, but if you want to compete you can.”

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