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Jane the Virgin returns: the final season

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In season one Jane Gloriana Villanueva was an accidentally inseminated virgin, working for a hotel in a mermaid suit, and in love with the perfect man- Michael. She ended season 4 as a mother who was persuading her lifelong dream to write novels, and a widow- or so we thought.

Jane the Virgin has shocked viewers since 2014 with the whirlwind life of Jane and others around her. It has has everything from mass murderers, scheming and romance in a show full of unexpected and sometimes unwanted plot twists and turns.

It is a telenovela, about a telenovela. With erratic and bold storylines, and simple loveable characters. The show brings crime and drama together in perfect harmony, and never lacks the comedic aspects alongside it all. It’s the perfect for cheesy TV lovers who never want to be bored.

The last four seasons set a high bar for surprises, but gave fans a shock at the end of season four- Jane’s husband is back from the dead. Just as she was about to get engaged to Rafael.

Season five opens with a momentary fainting incident and a priceless look of shock from Jane, it’s as dramatic as expected. It is reveal that Michael has been alive and well, but living with amnesia as the entire storyline becomes a love triangle- again.

The episode takes a well-needed release from the heartbreak as we watch the return of Jane’s already abnormal normality. But as viewers know- Jane is a perfectionist. She tries to cope with the unsettled incident with a frantic seven-minute-long monologue where she questions just about every aspect of her life and repeatedly returns to the conclusion that “I’m fine.” If you don’t watch this TV show yet- it’s worth it for those seven minutes.

Jane is seen getting to know Michael again, and as emotions run high and the plot thickens yet again, the characters bring comedy to the scene.  In return to Jane’s wacky humour and constant chatting, Michael hardly speaks at all. The characters bicker and have nothing in common anymore. The great romance of Jane the Virgin is reversed in less than one episode.

Michael re-meets all our favourite characters, and no memories resurface. We see many characters, especially Jane’s dad, hope that they can help Michael. Each character processes that their loved one Michael is back as Jason, and Jane and Rafael both appear in harrowing scenes where they share their worries with family.

Finally, there is a glimmer of hope when Jane decides to move in with Rafael. For a few seconds there is a happy ending, quickly spoiled by our favourite crime lord Sin Rostro.

This episodes has everything fans love about Jane the Virgin. A crazy storyline, a shocking surprise, a lot of romance and never ending drama. And another cliff hanger.

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