Another hole in one for golf

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Credit: UoS Golf Club/Daniel Walpole

Stirling University Golf Club have had a phenomenal year with each team dominating their league.

Success was found immediately, as President Sean Davidson comments: “We started the year strong for individual wins. Nicola Slater won the Stirling International at the start of September and set a new course record as well.”

This wasn’t the only early victory. Hazel McGarvie, Chloé Goadby, and Mirren Fraser claimed wins all across the country.

Fraser in particular has had a standout season; she won both the Autumn Trophy and Scottish Student Matchplay Championship.

Stirling also found success playing together, and the 1st team ploughed through their league undefeated.

The 2nd team won thirteen of fifteen, and the 3rd also claimed a winning record with 8 of fifteen wins.

“The top 3 teams have played incredibly throughout the season, leaving high hopes for next year,” praises Davidson.

Stirling’s 4th team also conquered their league, finishing in first place, undefeated. The 5th team also performed strongly, finishing with nine of fifteen wins.

Looking forward, Davidson comments that his successor as president, Lewis Fraser, is more than capable of taking over.

“Lewis loves the club and has been around a long time. It’s going to be exciting,” he says. “Lewis is definitely the right man going forward.”

President-elect Fraser reflects this praise to Davidson, crediting him for leading the club. “He’s made my job a lot easier.”

Fraser is also optimistic for the upcoming season, saying he “can’t see it going anywhere but up.”

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