Woodroffe to lead revamped triathlon programme

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Andrew Woodroffe has been appointed as the head performance coach of the university’s performance triathlon squad.

Under a new partnership agreement with Triathlon Scotland, he will lead the new programme which boasts a more streamlined approach to the development of young athletes.

Woodroffe’s day to day will see him manage and coach a selection of Scotland’s leading young triathletes, based in Stirling.

Triathlon Scotland will continue to support the programme, but the new centre will provide more clarity on roles and responsibilities of affiliated partner organisations.

Woodroffe has competed and coached at a high level.
Credit: andrewwoodroffe.blogspot.com

As a former scholarship student at the University of Plymouth, Woodroffe understands the difficulties that student athletes face, and aims to help his cohort achieve a healthy balance between studies and sport.

Woodroffe has an array of coaching experience under his belt, and has competed in triathlons at a European level, making him a valuable asset to the university programme. In his new role, he aims to make the sport at Stirling about more than just winning medals.

He said: “I don’t see why we, at the University of Stirling, can’t have the best triathlon training centre in the UK. That doesn’t necessarily mean the best athletes or the best results, but I think it’s about the attitudes, the behaviours, and us working collectively as a team with support staff and with the athletes.”

He also recognises that although triathlon is an individual sport, it is important for the team to work together, and motivate each other to be the best they can be.

Woodroffe has already had a positive impact on the athletes, with the performance sport department receiving encouraging feedback on his progress so far.

The university’s Head of Performance Sport David Bond said: “To have him [Woodroffe] on board is a real coup. We’re really excited to see what the future holds for triathlon at the University of Stirling.”

Feature image credit: andrewwoodroffe.blogspot.com

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