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Stirling SNP branch launch EU election campaign

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The Stirling branch of the SNP have begun their campaign for the upcoming  European Parliament elections on May 23.

The group of activists were joined on the campaign trail by Margaret Ferrier, a former SNP MP for Hamilton West and Rutherglen, and one of the SNP candidates for the European parliament elections.

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Margaret Ferrier said she was “delighted” to be selected as a candidate and that during her time as a campaigner she witnessed “how fantastic Scotland’s industries, produce and people are.”

Ferrier, who has also been elected to the SNP national executive committee, added:

“I am a firm believer that, together, we can hold and protect Scotland’s position in the EU, and I pledge to work to ensure that this is exactly what happens.

“A vote for the SNP is a vote to ensure that Scotland’s voice is heard loudly and clearly across the whole of Europe.”

The other SNP MEP candidates include current MEP Alyn Smith who is running for re-election , former MSP’s Christian Allard and Alieen McLeod,   the chair of the Shettleson branch of the SNP Alex Kerr and an SNP  Councillor for Tweeddale  Heather Anderson.

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