ScotRail shambles sees two in five Stirling trains arriving late

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In the latest in a long line of train troubles for Stirling, ScotRail data for March has revealed that more than forty per cent of services terminating in the city arrived late.

ScotRail users are becoming tired of constant cancellations and delays.

In a year plagued with cancellations, delays, and bus replacement services, the latest figures highlight that ScotRail is failing to clean up its act.

In the figures published, a train is classified as late if it terminates a minute or more later than its expected arrival time.

A large number of Stirling students commute from Edinburgh, Glasgow or further afield, and rely heavily on Scotrail to get them to university on time.

With exam season just around the corner, it is crucial that these services are on time so that students are not turning up late to exams or missing them completely.

ScotRail passengers can claim compensation when delays cause them to be delayed for more than half an hour.

As well as severe delays on many Scotrail services, users have also taken to social media to vent their anger on other issues, from continuous cancellations and lack of carriage space, to the toilets consistently being ‘out of order’.

One Twitter user said: “@scotrail Why is it that your trains are so jam packed every single morning… Bigger trains not an option?”

ScotRail replied that, from May, they will be introducing longer trains on almost every service between the two cities, an advantage of the recent electrification works.

Another said: “@scotrail Three trains in a row from Falkirk to Stirling cancelled. Can I get a refund for my ticket to Perth as I won’t be able to make my connection?”

A Transport Scotland spokesperson has warned that ScotRail runs the risk of early termination, despite the company committing an extra £18 million to improve its services.

They said: “Ministers fully expect performance to improve at the earliest opportunity to meet franchise and regulatory targets, and ScotRail have been made aware of the necessity for them to meet these expectations.”

Stirling MP Stephen Kerr met with ScotRail’s Chief Executive, Alex Hynes, to discuss punctuality, and highlight his constituent’s concerns and grievances.

He said: “I have been assured that they are putting in significant investment and working hard to address the performance issues, but I gave a clear message that their current level of service is far below where they need to be.”

Stirling residents will be keen to see if ScotRail will improve its services in the coming months, and if all the delays and bus replacements for the recent electrification works have been worth it.

Important travel information regarding cancellations and delays in your area can be accessed on the ScotRail website.

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