Ten tiny changes to save the planet

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Spring is here and it’s time for change. After more than 1000 activists were arrested following protests in London last week, everybody should be putting more care and thought into saving the environment.

Don’t worry if you are not ready to cut out plastic completely or become vegan, there are plenty of small ways to become environmentally savvy.

1.Try watering your plants in the morning or evening to prevent as much water being evaporated during the day in the sun. It saves water and will improve the life of your plants. 

2. Change from plastic lighters to matches or a good quality metal lighter like a zippo lighter. If you smoke and carry lighters you will know how easy they are to lose but, chances are you have never really considered the effect on the environment. 1.5 billion plastic lighters end up in landfill every year.

3. Use energy efficient light bulbs. This may seem like an obvious one but, if every household changed to energy efficient bulbs. It would have the same positive impact as removing one million cars from the road.

4. Try using coconut oil not just for the environments sake but your own too. Coconut oil is a miracle worker. It can be used as a hair mask, mouthwash, for shaving, for taking off make up, for cooking. Find me something coconut oil can’t do!

5. Use cold water for your washing. Modern washing machines are designed to use cold water. Delicates wash better with cold water and while using detergent, stains will still easily be removed whilst saving the environment.

6. Another obvious one but something everybody is guilty of – remembering to bring a reusable or recycle plastic bags when shopping. Put them somewhere you will remember to take it either in your car or work bag.

7. Stop using single use wipes. They are so much easier when you get in from work and are already tired, but your skin and the environment will thank you! Lush has an amazing selection of cleansers and soaps.

8. Using bars of hand soap, they are scientifically proven to be just as hygienic and effective at killing germs. Bars of soap last a lot longer.

9. Shop in charity shops or online at Depop or Ebay. You can find exactly what you want, save money and if your using charity shops your helping a cause whilst being environmentally friendly. You will be surprised what you can find in a charity shop, also if you get something great that’s a bargain too it’s a fantastic feeling.

10. Finally, buy essential items in bulk like washing up liquid, diluting juice and cleaning products. You can order a lot online at Amazon or bigger supermarkets. The stuff will last longer and save on packaging.

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