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The Chilling Tales of Sabrina season two

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returned to Netflix this week. Season one was good, but season two is electric. It brings much darker, more complex storylines and a new side to Sabrina Spellman that is unstoppable and irresistible to watch. 

From the trailer, as Sabrina’s shoes tap across her high school hallway dousing it in petrol, the music kicks in and a montage begins as Hilda announces, “There’s something different about Sabrina” that goes on to feature Sabrina snapping four boys necks in the woods by the click of her fingers. She is back and more badass than ever, and a completely different girl to the confused, caring witch you met in the first season.

Cherry Bomb, the electric punk rock song by The Runaways, fittingly plays through the trailer. The lyrics subtly hint of story lines to come. The soundtrack plays a big part of this new season. This, paired with the authentic seventies outfits, creates an incredible aesthetic.

A particular scene which is splendid to watch is when Nick, Sabrina’s warlock boyfriend, wants to do something normal – something human. She takes him to Baxter High’s Valentine’s dance. It’s your typical American high school prom. Sabrina is wearing a red dress as they dance and spin around under the red lights to Maneater, by Daryl Hall and John Oates – an appropriate song choice.

The romance with Nick is more suited to Sabrina. Their chemistry on screen is evident and they make quite the pair. A twist comes out at the end that makes Sabrina doubt Nick, but her faith in him is quickly restored. 

The set design throughout the show is of a particularly high standard. The seventies aesthetic is crafted brilliantly, which gives out that sense of authenticity.

Throughout the series, Sabrina’s chic seventies style stands juxtaposed with Kiernan Shipka’s outstanding performance of an unstoppable, brave and incredibly smart young woman. Her willpower, coming back stronger after every fight, accompanied by the perfect soundtrack, makes the series unique and exciting to watch.

The more magic powers she obtains, the more interesting the show gets. The last four episodes are incredible with a gripping plot, leading up to a wicked climax. 

Netflix have already announced the makings of a further two seasons; Viewers will be waiting eagerly to find out the next twists as the chilling tales continue.

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