Women’s lacrosse’s strong effort leads to promotion

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Credit: UoS Women’s Lacrosse/Daniel Walpole

Women’s lacrosse set high expectations this year, aiming to conquer the Scottish Conference Cup and win their league as well.

Though these goals weren’t fully met, they display the level of determination that club president Rosie Hazell has instilled throughout each semester.

Stirling finished the league in second place, just one win behind Edinburgh University. The team only lost two matches, finishing the season with an incredible 80% win rate.

Though promotion is usually reaped by the winner, Edinburgh already has two teams in the 1A Division. Winning their final game therefore secured promotion for Stirling – a fitting reward for such an impressive year.

The skill levels are vastly different between the two leagues, but Hazell is embracing the difficulty spike.

Stirling is progressing to that level for a reason, an she explains they would much rather play in a tougher league.

“I don’t think the girls were really challenged this year,” she says. Facing these stronger opponents provides an amazing opportunity for Stirling to improve.

Even while performing to a high standard in games, women’s lacrosse has also made an impression on a wider university level.

“We’ve been jumping on every union campaign,” says Hazel, not exaggerating. UV Fitness events, the Dumyat Hill Race, the Campus 5K, and even student-led initiatives like the Clansmen Versus games. Women’s lacrosse has embraced it all.

The team also won the Stir-Challenge: a union campaign encouraging students to work harder than usual by exercising in different ways. Women’s lacrosse ran, cycled, and rowed over 1,000 kilometres.

Engaging in these wider campus events has been great for them, Hazell explains: “it’s really helped us become a bigger and better club.”

Her year as president has therefore proved successful, and Hazell looks forward to retaining that role next year.

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