Credit: The Times.

Flamingo Land rebrands in desperate measure to build on Loch Lomond

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Credit: The Times.

North Yorkshire company Flamingo Land have put forward new plans to build on the picturesque Scottish site, mere months after public uproar following the first proposal. 

Flamingo Land’s controversial plans to build on a massive area of national park Loch Lomond have been re-submitted under the name ‘Lomond Banks.’

The plan is to build a thirty million pound theme park on the site.

More than 21,000 people had previously raised concerns for building the holiday resort and theme park at Balloch in Loch Lomond.

A press release distributed by the re-branded Lomond Banks entirely dropped the Flamingo Land name but did reiterate plans to build a visitor centre, accommodation, a craft brewery, and restaurants at the site. Listed building, Woodburn House would be preserved during building and incorporated into the site.

It is also predicted that it would create 80 full-time, 50 part-time and seasonal jobs in the area.

The new plans have been submitted to the national parks authority for approval, as well as to a committee and residents to try and go forward with the development.

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