Stirling scoops hat-trick at the student TV awards

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Danny Flynn, Giulia Veronelli and Marco Di Gioia with their award. Credit: Dario Sinforiani/RTS

Stirling has set a record third consecutive win at the Student Royal Television Society Awards.

Three Stirling dissertation projects competed in the best factual category with The Bad Guy, which followed mixed martial arts fighter Chris Bungard, claiming the top prize.

This is the first time since 2015 that the entire shortlist has been dominated by Stirling university students

Danny Flynn, Giulia Veronelli and Marco Di Gioia were the team behind the The Bad Guy, who were all on hand to collect the award at the event held at the The Argyle Street Arches.

Flynn said: “We are all very grateful for the win and the wider recognition that we’ve received. We couldn’t have done it without Chris, he’s taken us on a bit of a crazy journey. He’s definitely changed our lives.”

Stirling’s Head of Production Teaching, Dario Sinforani, who supervised the shortlisted projects said:

“I was the most relaxed person in the room because I realised that Stirling was going to win!

“We think this is a great achievement. The Bad Guy tells its story really well, features a strong character and is just a really well put together film. It thoroughly deserves its win, we are really proud of it.”

Documentaries Tackling the Mind and Finding Your Feet were also shortlisted before a group of industry professionals selected the winner, which you can watch for yourself below.

The Bad Guy from Stirling University Production on Vimeo.

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