Album review: The Chemical Brothers – No Geography

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The Chemical Brothers are back with their ninth L.P, a psychedelic phenomenon that is looking to be the soundtrack of summer 2019.

All the tracks create a euphoric energy with snippets of sound from 90’s Exit Planet Dust throughout. It features fewer guests, Norwegian synth pop singer Aurora and Japanese rapper Nene. There is a greater focus on vocals and lyrics. Although not a key feature in past albums, it’s a technique that works in their favour.

The first three tracks work with each other supremely well.

Commencing the album, ‘The Eve of Destruction’ is a cult-like mash up that develops into a solid upbeat dance tune. ‘Bango’ follows this up, taking the album in a heavier direction, with its frenzied percussion and eerie vocals. Next, ‘No Geography’ is a more mellow track, yet maintains a strong techno backing. It’s nostalgic feel will make you reminisce about hazy summers of the past.

Aurora. Credit: NME

‘We’ve got to try’ is a club anthem with soul. Featuring a breakback rhythm and The Chemical Brothers’ distinctive synths, the high-pitch electrifying vocals of Aurora help to create an astounding dance tune.

The final track of the L.P is my favourite, ‘Catch Me I’m Falling’ is a ballad blended with techno. With its upfront lyrics such as, “the danger is so much greater when it comes to losin’ you,” the chorus will stick with you. Whilst more subtle lyrics are almost poetic, giving another insight in to the song.

It’s the perfect sound for when the sun goes down. Putting all the chaos of life aside, it leaves you with a serene sense of calm. It’s a dreamy track that creates a resolute finish to the album.

Once again, The Chemicals Brothers have produced a masterpiece, proving that they are far ahead of many artists on the dance scene today. In their own progression of sounds, it’s a leap forward. Introducing a new balance of sound that merges itself sublimely into the 2019 dance scene.

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