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Stirling University litter pick today

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Between 3 and 5pm today, there will be a litter pick held on campus, meeting in the atrium.

The litter pick provides students with the opportunity to get involved with the environmental aspects of the campus, whilst embracing the brighter weather.

Credit: Green and Blue Space

The event is being run by Matthew Woodthorpe (Environmental Coordinator), and Sonny Bailey (Disabled Students Officer).

The Green and Blue Space are providing all equipment needed including picks, gloves, bin bags, and bag rings to keep the bags open.

As all of the equipment will be held in current union president Astrid’s office, people attending should meet either in the atrium or outside of her office.

Credit: Chloe Whyte

Stirling’s campus, famed for it’s beauty, is also home to numerous species of wildlife. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the area clean in order to reduce the damage done to animals in the area.

Take this oppurtunity to get involved in something right around the corner from you.

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