SNP achieve a Stirling landslide in EU elections

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The Scottish National Party achieved a landslide victory in Stirling in the European elections.

The vote saw the SNP come out on top, with the turnout for Stirling sitting at 46.7%.

The SNP received 11,780 votes, 38.2% of the vote share, and upped their share of the vote from the 2014 European election.

SNP Councillor and leader of Stirling Council Scott Farmer spoke about the party’s performance nationally;

“We have seen a significant result across the country that we want to stay in the EU.

“This sends a clear message to Westminster from Scotland that Brexit is no longer tenable.”

The Liberal Democrats came in second in a surprise result, achieving 4645 votes, and had the biggest increase in their vote share of the night.

Lib Dem representatives at the count said;

“We are delighted, this result is a rejection of Brexit and an endorsement of Liberal Democrat values.

“Our consistent vote, alongside the SNP, won the day for remain.”

Stirling SNP Credit: Brig Newspaper

The Conservatives came in a close third place, gaining 4643 votes, only two votes behind the Liberal Democrats. The party that was expected to be punished by voters in this election came ahead of the Brexit Party but their share of the vote did drop from 2014.

Conservative Councillor Neil Benny gave a statement to Brig,

“There are no winners in this election that nobody wanted. This was an expression of frustration at the political parties but it is important that unionists come together to fight the nationalism and division of the SNP.

We have to make that case and when people are presented with a choice between Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson then they will give us their support.”

The Brexit Party was expected to come in second for most of the night, but came in behind the Conservatives with 3774 votes, 12.2% of the Stirling vote share.

The Stirling result Credit: Brig Newspaper

The Greens beat Labour achieving 2937 votes and increasing their vote share by 11%.

Labour’s performance on the night saw the party come sixth, with 1915 votes, with one of the heaviest losses of the night, seeing their share of the vote drop in Stirling.

Councillor Danny Gibson, the Stirling Council Labour group leader spoke about the result;

“This result is disappointing for Stirling Labour, but we will see what this translates to across Scotland.

“In the meantime we will keep fighting for Labour values and representing our communities.”

SNP victories were seen across Scotland last night, with heavy losses for both the Conservatives and Labour.

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