Trump trade deal puts food safety standards “under threat” warns MSP

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Bruce Crawford has warned that food producers and farmers may be negatively impacted by a trade deal with President Trump after Brexit.

The warning from the SNP MSP for Stirling comes after the United States ambassador to the UK said in a BBC interview that access to “the entire economy” would be needed for a trade deal in the future and that this may include healthcare services such as the NHS.

An area of particular concern is surrounding Scottish products such as Scotch lamb or whisky as these items may have their protected status withdrawn post Brexit, which may allow cheaper but “knock off” products to be sold instead.

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President Trump visited the UK this week and discussed the countries trading future. Credit:

Scotland’s “top quality” food safety standards are matched with the rest of the European Union said Crawford, but warned this was “under threat” in trade deals with the USA. Particularly, in relation to the local Scottish products which are currently protected under EU regulations and the “booming food and drink sector here in Stirling”

Crawford added: “The UK government’s shambolic approach to Brexit leaves them in an exceptionally weak bargaining position – with Tory leadership contenders competing to be the most reckless with our economic future.

“Scotland voted overwhelmingly against Brexit – and the threat of selling out Stirling’s food producers shows exactly why we need to stop it.”

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