Mayday: PM Theresa to visit Stirling

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Prime Minister Theresa May is set to visit Stirling today (Thursday 4) as part of her farewell tour.

The outgoing PM will reportedly visit CodeBase, located on Corn Exchange Road, at 4 p.m.

May is expected to deliver a warning to her successor about maintaining the union and cautioning against the surge in populist policies across Europe and within her own party.

CodeBase, located across from the library. Credit: Brig

Stirling will be viewed by members of the Conservative party as home ground for the PM, as her party ousted this seat from SNP control in the 2017 general election.

The Guardian had learned that May feared a no-deal Brexit could prompt a second independence referendum.

Her speech today will include: “The job of prime minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland brings with it privileges and responsibilities, which you only really feel once the black door closes behind you. One of the first and greatest is the duty you owe to strengthen the union.”

Local politicians have criticised the visit, with MSP Bruce Crawford stating: “Theresa May will leave behind a legacy of ignoring the will of the people of Scotland.”

Crawford said: “The Tory government has already demonstrated that it wishes to undermine our devolution settlement, by including a clawback of powers devolved to Scotland in their Brexit legislation. They even went to court to stop the Scottish Parliament legislating to protect its own powers, so naturally we should be wary of any review conducted by the Tory government on devolution.

“Theresa May will leave behind a legacy of ignoring the will of the people of Scotland, ignoring the Scottish Parliament and ignoring the compromises tabled by the Scottish Government on Brexit. The Union between Scotland and the rest of the UK is weaker now because of the actions of the Tory government, and it will be for the people of Scotland to decide our nation’s future, not whoever is elected by Tory members to succeed Theresa May.”

Independence groups have also encouraged locals to greet the PM by “feel[ing] free to make your views known to her,” a tweet from Yes Clackmannanshire read.


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