Restaurant evacuated after city centre blaze

Police have told local businesses that it is a fire in the ventilation system.

Reporting by Harry Williamson, Elizabeth Dryburgh, Cameron Gray, and Ryan Dinsdale

Update: The fire was extinguished at 13:32 and there were no casualties at the incident. 

Earlier: Emergency services have responded to a fire at a building on King Street in the heart of Stirling City Centre.

Police have cordoned off sections of the road surrounding Indian restaurant, Maharaja, after a suspected fire to in the ventilation system on one of the upper floors.

Neighbouring units have been advised by the police to not take in any more customers and that they will be alerted if and when they need to evacuate.

An onlooker captured the firefighters preparing to tackle the blaze, where four fire engines, including an areal unit, were spotted at the scene.

Following the blaze, Maharaja restaurant was shortly evacuated after the canopy in their kitchen reportedly caught fire.

Neither the police or fire service have issued any information regarding the fire on their social media.

Credit: Elizabeth Dryburgh

Featured Image: Ryan Dinsdale

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