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It is easy to focus on the negatives of social media, with the increasing pressure it puts on people to fit into the constant sky rocketing standards of society.

Not to mention the breaches of privacy. People taking photos of strangers without permission for a cheap laugh or portraying one side of a story which can go viral. Leading to a wave of trolls sending abuse to a single person based on one person’s perspective of right and wrong.

Yes it’s easy, but over a decade after social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter were introduced. It’s time to focus on the positives and learn to appreciate these apps for the powerful tools they are.

It has become second nature to blame social media for problems across society, but they aren’t necessarily behind all of the problems, they just highlight them like never before.

Specifically in the communications industry social media can be a God send for self promotion and networking. Brig itself would not be as successful as it is today without Facebook to boost and share our articles.

Sites such as WordPress allow you to build a portfolio which employers can easily stumble across on Twitter. Now, 92% of recruiters use social media to look out for potential employees.

Employment oriented service and professional networking app, LinkedIn bridges the gap between job hunting sites and social media creating a powerful tool with multiple benefits rolled into one.

Many companies scout LinkedIn for potential employees including the BBC, Mashable and Yelp. It differs to Facebook or twitter by allowing you to reach out to professionals who have viewed your profile. Users are usually active and it promotes two way communication.

One key thing that makes social media so powerful is the speed content can go viral. If an article or post takes off you could have the attention of thousands within minutes.

With the right guidance and precautions social media is an invaluable tool. Take care of your online appearance and start utilising social media for more than just dog memes. You might be surprised how far it could take you.

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