Kerr calls for unity after Boris Johnson elected Prime Minister

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 Stirling’s MP Stephen Kerr has congratulated Boris Johnson on his election as leader of the Conservatives but he also used that message to call for unity between parties to deliver Brexit, and urged for an end to “grandstanding” by politicians.

In a statement released this afternoon, Kerr described the current political climate as  “challenging” and spoke of the “unprecedented situation” surrounding the UK’s exit from the European Union. 

“I would like to congratulate Boris Johnson on achieving the highest public office in the United Kingdom. Rarely has a new Prime minister come to that office at more challenging moment in peacetime,” Kerr said. 

“Parliamentarians from all parties must now recognise our collective responsibility in dealing with this unprecedented situation. People expect their MPs to behave in a constructive manner, they also expect them to work together to find a solution. More grandstanding is neither wanted or desirable.

“Now is the time for parliament and Government to deliver for the people of the United Kingdom. Now is the time to move the country forward and we simply cannot afford to fail in that endeavour.”

He also acknowledged Theresa May for her “dedicated service” as Prime Minister, adding that she deserves “recognition and respect” for her work to try and deliver the result of the 2016 referendum.

Kerr has also urged that one of Johnson’s priorities should be strengthening the union and maintaining Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom.

“Finally, I look forward to welcoming the new Prime Minister to Scotland at the earliest opportunity where he can make clear his commitment to strengthening Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom.”

In addition to this, Kerr tweeted this morning after the result that one of Johnson’s priorities should be strengthening the UK. Throughout Kerr’s time in office keeping Scotland in the UK has been a main priority.

At an earlier stage in the leadership, Kerr publicly backed Michael Gove to be the next leader, but stayed silent after Gove was eliminated and didn’t publicly back either Johnson or Hunt. 

Kerr has not said who he voted for in the leadership election.

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