Looking for a last minute trip? Why not travel to destination unknown

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Whether you’re craving some adventure or booking a holiday for a group of friends who can’t decide on a destination; a srprs.me trip is something everyone should do once. What’s so special about this trip that even auntie Bettie should hop on a plane? The destination is, unknown. That is, until you arrive at the airport.

The reason why I’m so adamant about you taking a srprs.me trip is because I’ve been on a few surprises myself. The first time I ended up in Timisoara, Romania. For a second, the small airport and strange currency made me question the impulsive trip, but all worries melted away the second I entered the charming hostel and roamed the narrow city streets. The food and weather were exquisite and everything so cheap, that I often ordered double breakfast and two desserts. It was a dream.

Booking the trip

A srprs.me trip might sound a little frightening, but the process is quite simple. The first step is customising your trip. While you might have no control over your actual destination, srprs.me will do everything in its power to send you somewhere perfect for you.

The website allows you to tailor your trip down to the very last detail. From choosing your preferred type of accommodation, from hostels to four-star hotels, to listing places you’d rather not end up in. Recently there’s even the option to go on a surprise roadtrip. All that’s left to do is pick your dates.

For my last srprs.me trip I decided to treat myself to a bit of luxury. I swapped my hostel bunk-bed for a luxurious hotel bed with fresh white sheets. While I had promised that I’d give into this bougie outburst no matter the cost, I was presently surprised. A five-day trip, including flights and hotel only cost me £260 pounds. Making the trip not only exciting and convenient but also cheap.

The remarkable low cost had me a little worried, but when I arrived in hotel Checkpoint Charlie Berlin, I found myself a grand hotel room with my desired white sheets. Again, pleasantly surprised, very on brand.  

Before take off

After receiving some confirmation emails from your personal srprs.me consultant, thanks again Julia for the sweet handwritten notes, you’ll have to keep an eye on your letterbox.

Soon a mysterious package will arrive through the mail. Included will be a scratch card and sealed envelope, beware you are not allowed to give into your temptations. These are not allowed to be opened, looked or sniffed at, until you arrive at the airport.

If you are wondering how you’d ever know what to pack for a surprise destination, no worries. Sometime before your travel date, a link will be provided with the weather forecast, luggage restrictions and exact details about your departure. It is just like going on holiday with your parents, everything is taken care of. All you need to do is show up. ‘

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Jetting off to destination unknown

All that’s left to do? Arrive at the airport, open the mysterious package, scratch away, fill in the magic numbers online and let the unknown reveal itself. Ahead lays an unforgettable experience filled with adventure and discovery.

The only criticism I must add? While srprs.me is all about sending you into the unkown, some information about the currency, language, activities and customs of your destination would be very welcome. When arriving in Romania I had no clue about the local currency and was sent on a wild goose chase to aquire the money needed to get a taxi to the hostel. I would recommend traveling with a credit card and phone with access to internet, just to make sure you don’t find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

In the end, even this slight hickup added to the feeling of adventure and has now turned into a fond memory leaving me hooked on surprise trips. Be warned you might find yourself never wanting to organise a holiday every again.

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