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Union President Nelson Acquah resigns

Acquah served as President for two months.

Union President Nelson Acquah’s resignation was announced by the Students’ Union today, only two months after he entered office.

In a statement on the Union website, it was said that Acquah cited personal reasons for his resignation. No more info about these personal reasons are known at this time.

The union has praised Nelson for his work during his time as President, and thanked him for his contribution to the union as a whole.

A statement by Acquah was issued alongside the announcement,

“I have great faith in the capabilities of Josh, Gill and Amy and I know they will work hard to advance the interest of the whole student body. I thank the whole student body for giving me this opportunity to serve; yes, we made history and this history will forever be in my heart.”

“It is disappointing we did not achieve all we set out to achieve but it is my firm belief that this will go a long way to help us all. Thank you and I wish you all the best in you quest to make students’ lives better.”

The next steps for the Students’ Union is unknown at this time, and the Board of Trustees will be meeting soon to discuss the next course of action that they will take.

Acquah was elected in March’s elections in a surprise result, seeing him beat Charlene Schikler, Ryan Peteranna, and Georgia Laverick in the president race.

Featured Image: Brig Newspaper

2 comments on “Union President Nelson Acquah resigns

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  2. Anonymous

    What do you mean by “surprise result”?

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