Ex-Union President hopefuls call for a second vote

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Two former Union President hopefuls have called for another election, following the resignation of Nelson Acquah earlier this week.

Union troops
Georgia, left, and Charlene, right, have called for another election. Credit: Blair McPake

The future of the Students’ Union remains unclear, as students wait in anticipation of the meeting of the union’s board of trustees, where the best course of action will be discussed.

Although the exact circumstances surrounding Nelson’s resignation are unclear, a post on the union’s website has cited ‘personal reasons’ for departing his role.

In a closely fought contest at the student elections in March, Nelson beat out runner-up Charlene Gregaitis-Schickler by just a handful of votes.

Charlene admits that she knew Nelson was feeling a bit overwhelmed when he started in the role, and believes that “the student body should absolutely have a say in the form of another election.”

And despite a large part of her still wanting the job as Union President, she doesn’t think it is on the cards.

She added: “I’ve already committed to a Master’s program and I don’t know if it were possible to run again at this time.”

Georgia Laverick, who came fourth in March’s vote, admitted her ‘surprise’ at the news of the resignation. She also believes that the union should re-open nominations.

She said: “I’m am quite surprised he resigned, especially so soon but obviously he has his reasons.

“So much has changed, and I think that now people are already seeing the disruption caused by the campus central developments, that opinions might have changed a bit.”

Third-place Ryan Peteranna, although unwilling to speculate on what the union should do, has stressed that “it’s important a new Union President can be brought to office as soon as is reasonably possible, to ensure Stirling students get the strong and supportive leadership they are entitled to.”

Nelson has declined to comment on what the best course of action should be, but affirmed his “belief in the capabilities of Josh, Gill and Amy to do a good job.”

Feature image credit: Stirling Student Union 

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