Taylor Swifts Seventh Album “Lover” is Better Than Expected.

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The 10-time Grammy Award winner releases her seventh perfectly polished album.

With a reputation as a hopeless romantic, timeless storyteller, and crazy ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swifts album has delivered everything expected and more. Her immaculate instrumentals and writings of a poet or novelist do not disappoint.

Over the last 13 years she has brought fans out the guilty pleasure closet with flawless tracks and formed an army of dedicated fans worldwide, popularising country music and becoming a pop idol.

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After her last album “Reputation” being an angsty war on the world, Taylor Swift begins the album with “I Forgot That You Existed”, a sassy song addressed to haters with a more carefree flair and upbeat tempo. This theme is later joined by the more mainstream, childish song “You Need To Calm Down” which addresses life’s mishaps in an abrasive and acute way.


With the title Lover and her ongoing relationship, another romance orientated album was expected.

Her passionate storytelling often compels listeners. The character orientated structure in “Cruel Summer” is able to complement its dreamy sound. “It’s Nice To Have A Friend” has an ongoing flow between all areas of the song, with less structure. Its simplicity compliments the story of a high school relationship. “Lover” is an exceptionally well produced, personal and timeless track, sending the album in a direction to resurrect Taylor’s old magical style with flawless lyrics.

Her storytelling is often complimented by her overall production. “I Think He Knows” prioritises Taylor’s voice before developing into a busier upbeat track with the cliché storyline of a new crush. “Paper rings” showcases the lyrics of a hopeless romantic with a fast-paced sound. The track challenges materialism in love while sounding endlessly preppy. The less impressive and ditzy track “London Boy”, although following the fun sounding theme, does not add to the album’s depth. “False god” adds a necessary intenseness to the album, comparing the ups and downs in a relationship to heaven and hell. It incorporates larger ideas with an underwhelming sound, working together to create an indescribable sound, bordering on contemporary R&B, pop and indie.

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Although the romance in the album is near perfect, Taylor discusses more than love.

“The Man” introduces sexism. Taylor Swifts interest in the topic led to the well-argued song challenging the double standards she faced as a woman, politely but sternly challenging the modern world.

“The Archer” addresses self-reflection within a relationship. The instrumentals sound busy, matching her restless mind. The song has a continuous build up and no major climax, making it lyrics orientated.

“Better” is about Taylor Swifts Mum and her battle with cancer. It touches upon faith and religion, and the process of dealing with an ill family member. Featuring the Dixie Chicks, the light harmonising and talented instrumentals become prominent yet second to the personal lyrics.

“ME!” ft Brendon Urie is an overly mainstream pop song, and although both artists are extremely talented the song was underwhelming and felt shallow alongside others.

“Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince” sets a relationship parallel to the American political system, with a hopeful and pre-climactic sound, showing the possibilities of her advanced writing skills.

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Taylor Swift also maintains her title as the queen of break-ups with three songs.

“Cornelia Street” explores a powerful relationship with a hint of nostalgia, with the overall production letting her voice and the instrumentals collide perfectly.

“Death By A Thousand Cuts” is the slowest break up song, and although it was written with the Netflix original “Someone Great” in mind, it still feels personal to Taylor. The talented lyrics are powerful alongside the scattered sounding instrumentals

“Afterglow” is an apologetic track with a modest yet powerful sound, following a more basic song structure with a timid climax.


The album finishes on “Daylight”, a track about her current relationship giving her what she has always been lacking. It leaves her past relationships behind, giving the album a feeling of finality. It leaves the immaculate and personal album on a hopeful and cathartic note.



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