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SNP MEP seeks to become SNP candidate for Stirling at next general election

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Alyn Smith has announced his intention to contest the nomination of the SNP candidate for the Stirling constituency at the next general election.

Smith, who has been an MEP for Scotland since 2004 will face Tory incumbent Stephen Kerr, who was elected at the last general election in 2017 with a marginal 148 vote majority.

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Commenting on the announcement, Alyn Smith said he had “strong connections to the Stirling area, having worked so closely over the years with people like Bruce Crawford and Stirling Council leader Scott Farmer” and said he would be “honoured to have the opportunity” to represent Stirling in the UK Parliament.

Smith added that he was “committed to stopping Brexit” and that “the current Tory MP has done nothing to respect the wishes of more than two-thirds of his constituents on this matter”

Smith concluded by saying whilst Scotland is still a part of the UK he will be a “strong voice” for the local people of Stirling in Westminster. However, he argued that “as Scotland is dragged out of the EU, against the will of the majority of people here, an independent Scotland in Europe increasingly becomes the favoured option of the local people”.

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