EP Review: Live from the World Famous Barrowland Ballroom by Twin Atlantic

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In the midst of Twin Atlantic’s busy festival season, the Glaswegian rockers have released an EP featuring five songs from their December 2016 Glasgow show. The EP, aptly named Live from the World Famous Barrowland Ballroom, immortalises what was a legendary concert.

It kicks off with what was the encore at the time, the smash hit No Sleep. With the crowd screaming along, and singer Sam McTrusty’s expletive-ridden improvisation, this song will have you kicking yourself for not being at the show in the first place.

Also featured on the EP is arguably Twin Atlantic’s first big hit, Free. McTrusty’s impressive vocals are on full show here, as are the equally impressive vocals of the thickly-accented crowd singing along.

Next comes a questionable choice to be featured – Brothers and Sisters. Compared to the rest of the EP, this song seems fairly lacklustre. It doesn’t have the same popularity as the rest of the songs on the record and the live performance is nowhere near as electric.

However, the real star of the show is Crash Land. This recording sounds incredible. Not a single person in the Barrowlands stayed silent during this song, or so it would seem when you listen to the sheer volume of the crowd singing along. If you enjoy listening to 2,000 thick Scottish accents shouting ‘we’re fucked’ in unison, you’ll enjoy this.

The EP finishes with a strong performance of Heart and Soul, which is a fitting and uplifting end to the record that will have you dying to see Twin Atlantic live.

Overall, if you were at the concert, this is a great way to relive the experience and if you weren’t, this EP will convince you that the next time Twin Atlantic play, you have to be there.

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