Mottos to live by; Uni edition

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LIFE is strange. It’s chaotic. Ever-changing. Full of grey areas but simultaneously complete with magical, enigmatic colours. And this whirlwind called existence is just about to turn up a notch, as the dawn of another university year is on the horizon.

What follows is life-advice, which aims to equip you with the tools necessary to ride the waves of emotion that student life will most probably wash up your way. Surf’s up mate!

Cash is King

Living a student life can get really pricey, so make sure to get into good money habits from the get-go. One such idea may be to take out money and pay by cash more often than not. The physical act of handing those sweet dollars over might stop unnecessary splurges, as you’re more aware of the transaction taking place.

Hakuna Matata

Arguably one of the biggest topics on everyone’s mind going into university, is friendships. Just know, that there is no deadline to making friends. Some friendships spring up out of the blue when you least expect it, others blossom over time slowly, but steadily. Don’t worry if you haven’t vibed with anyone yet. Patience, young grasshopper, all in good time.

Flexibility is Key

With new friendships, living situation, routines, and habits, university will push you to expand your comfort zone a tenfold. It will force you to occasionally change and to become flexible. And that’s only a good thing. Learning to adapt to any kind of situation will not only prepare you for what’s to come after the four-year-university-bubble bursts, but also make your time inside the bubble all the more enjoyable.

Set boundaries

On the flipside of the previous piece of advice, you should not let yourself be pushed around. This is your uni experience and you are in charge of how you want it to turn out. Knowing and setting your own boundaries will make it easier for people to approach you in the right manner. Also, know and respect limits set by those around you. We are all different, and that is okay. 


Get to Know the Pros 

One thing that many people regret upon leaving university and entering ‘the real world’, is having not engaged with all the networking events put on throughout the years. These happenings are brilliant opportunities to grow your social network, often with likeminded people. Remember to also make use of the close contact you have with all your knowledgeable professors. Usually, they will happily give you both help and advice.   

The Journey is the Destination

Dare to get hurt, to open up, to make mistakes, to succeed, to try,  to cry. This is your time and it will not come again so experience it to the fullest. But know that it’s okay to not have the best of times, all of the time. It’s okay to feel homesick, to feel down, or isolated. If you do, please share it with someone and know that this too shall pass.

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