In the loop with Stoop: That new year atmosphere

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Currently, I find myself in a fancy office, overlooking Aberdeen’s modest skyline, while wearing a slightly uncomfortable fancy top, pretending to blend in with fancy office people.

Besides the top there’s nothing fancy about me, having woken up on the living room floor in a friend’s flat, thanks to the air mattress consistently not carrying out its only job.

Me and my sore back are on work experience, one designed to push me out of my comfort zone. Forcing me to leave the safety of being a student behind, while slowly venturing into my new upcoming role as working adult. It feels strongly familiar to the time I left high school and rolled into university.  

The building felt too big, the people convincingly smart and I overwhelmingly inadequate. Over time that once scary structure began to feel like home and the people in it like family. However, I might have overlooked how adequate I’ve actually become.

Since growth is slow, it’s easy to miss if you’re up close. Those essays you’ve written in high school? Peanuts compared to that piece on globalism you handed in late. Your haircut? Much better. Your twerk skills? much improved.   

Whether you’re making the transition from high school to university, or from university to employee, there will always be new challenges that manage to make you feel ever so small. The truth is, without some discomfort we would never be able to grow into the people we are meant to be.

We can’t be the successful CEO, loving mum or award winning writer without having challenges that show us what we’re really capable of. Those days you felt would be the end of you? Survived it. That dream to get accepted into your dream course. Did it.

Remember that you once wished to be where you are right now. Remember that working towards your future is highly recommend, but so is taking in the view while you’re at it. We have triumphed through so much already, why stop now. 

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