Album review: We Are Not Your Kind by Slipknot

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Until now, the only Slipknot album to reach number one in the UK album charts was their 2001 release Iowa.

In August 2019, after overtaking Ed Sheeran, their newest album, We Are Not Your Kind has hit the number one spot – and for good reason.

One thing that never seems to change with every Slipknot album is the sheer rage that frontman Corey Taylor puts into his vocals, and this album is no different.

We Are Not Your Kind is just as venomous as their other releases, but in a more polished and controlled way.

Veering into the political, Taylor puts this album forward as a response to “the divisiveness in not only the culture right not, but the world at large.”

The album opens with Insert Coin, a sinister instrumental that sets the tone for the rest of the record.

Unsainted follows, and it is one of the standouts on the album.

This song has so much going on – Taylor’s trademark snarling in the verses, Duality-reminiscent catchy choruses and even a chorus of children singing that strangely doesn’t sound out of place.

Nero Forte is another standout, featuring thrashing guitars, skull-beating drums and a strangely creepy chorus.

Spiders however, takes a completely different turn. It’s sinister, dark and a little unsettling, in a surprisingly enjoyable way.

While the lyric “the spiders come in side-by-side” is a little reminiscent of Charlie Kelly’s song in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, overall, it’s a perfect way to kick off the end of the album.

A Liar’s Funeral is another song that feels different to Slipknot’s usual sound.

It’s similar, in a way, to Snuff from 2008’s All Hope Is Gone, but with a little less self-loathing and a little more anger.

It starts off as a slow, emotional ballad, before breaking into a more traditional metal song midway through.

There really isn’t anything bad to say about We Are Not Your Kind. It delivers what old-school Slipknot fans expect in the form of aggressive riffs, pounding drums and growling vocals, but can also appeal to new fans, with several catchy choruses and slower songs.

It’s Slipknot’s most radio-playable album yet, but it doesn’t lose any of their original appeal.

We Are Not Your Kind is a modern metal masterpiece that is well-deserving of the number one spot.

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