Students forced out of library in construction chaos

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By Harry Williamson, Sam Ormiston and Ryan Barclay

The library has been evacuated and the atrium has been closed following an issue with the building works on campus.

Barriers are blocking all entrances to the atrium from the Macrobert, the union and the bridge, with campus security deployed at some entrances.

The university have put out an announcement confirming that the closure is due to building works, and that they are working to have the area reopened as soon as possible.

Students who were in the library when the atrium was closed were told that it was unsafe to leave via the atrium and that the situation may take hours to resolve. Other students in the library overheard staff saying that they could leave by the fire escape.

No reason for the closure has been given, although students on campus have reported seeing rubble near the library, staff members have been heard discussing building standards and some have heard about a possible roof collapse being the reason.

A source who asked not to be named, who works at one of the on-campus outlets, told Brig: “One of the building contractors told my manager that asbestos has been found in the atrium. I think people should know about this.”

And a spokesperson for the University of Stirling said that they were unwilling to speculate, but would send out a statement later on in the day.

Study spaces have been moved to the car park portakabins and the union is still accessible from the coffee shop entrance and the fire escape stairs at Nisa.

Anyone with any issues has been asked to contact the student hub on 01786 466022.

More updates on this incident will follow.

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