A Local’s Guide To: Barcelona

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The city of Gaudi is truly magical. With endless amounts of things to see, places to visit and food to eat, it can be mind boggling trying to decide on what to do when you’re there. To help you on your way, here’s a local’s guide to some of the best things Barcelona has to offer.

Inside Information on how to live ‘la vida loca’ in Barcelona

Name: Telma Segura
Age: 20
Studies: Psychology & Human Resources Management
Favorite Snack: Olives
Loves: Music
Hates: Fake people & watermelon

Secret spots

Mirador de Sarrià: Stunning viewpoint

Mirador de Sarrià is the best place to watch a sunrise – just follow the road up the hill, and you will find several viewpoints with benches. It’s not too touristy.”

Antic Teatre: Bar with atmosphere

This is an old theatre-turned-bar, right in the city centre. Drinks are served at what used to be the theatre entrance, and they have this beautiful terrace with fairy-lights. It’s really, really cool. The place is full of trees and you don’t see the street since it’s tucked away between buildings.”

Be Store: Clothes shop/brunch spot

So, it’s literally a shop, like a clothes shop, and no one really knows about it, but at the end of the store, there’s a door that leads to a garden. There’s a bunch of old sofas and these big armchairs, old bicycles and fairy-lights for decoration. There’s music and loads of plants, it looks like you’re in the jungle – and they do an amazing brunch!”

Tips to save money

Liceu: Free tickets to artistic performances

“We’ve got this really big theatre, it’s called Liceu. They do like opera shows, musical concerts, it’s usually classical music and stuff. And obviously, it’s really expensive. But if you’re a student, you can get tickets for free if you go there a day leading up to a performance! It will be the seats that no one else wanted, and you’ll be allocated to a random seat – but still, you get to enjoy live performances for free!”

Bar Ramòn: Cheap Beer and Food

“There’s this bar in Gracia, the neighbourhood. If you want cheap beer, and cheap food – this is the place! The beer is like 1,1€.”

Public Transport Ticket Hack

“The public transport is quite expensive in Barcelona – but if you press single ticket, and then you press ‘other options’, there’s the option of mono-parental/multi-family-tickets, which will get you a discount.”

Where to go partying

Apollo: Not Mainstream

“This is the top one club for me. Whatever kind of music you like, you’ll find a night for it in there – Monday it’s rock, Tuesday it’s techno, Wednesday it’s reggae, Thursday 70s-2000s, Fridays are more mainstream, and Saturdays, I think it’s rock again. They also have a special room for concerts – so it’s a place you go for the music!”

Bling Bling

“It’s good. It’s more mainstream music, but still a very cool place.”

Best Restaurants

Teresa Carles: Veggie restaurant

Teresa Carles is vegetarian and vegan, there’s no meat at all. It’s a little bit expensive, compared to other places in Barcelona – but it’s so worth it! It’s the perfect place for a special occasion.”

Koy Shunka: Japanese Restaurant

“It’s amazing. Incredible. It’s also a bit pricey, but it serves the best sushi I’ve ever tried.”

Krònig: Cheap food

“It’s very cheap. It doesn’t look like the cheapest place – the inside is super cool, and if you walked past it, you’d think it would be expensive. They do these massive burgers and the best side of fries, there’s veggie and vegan options, and they cost around 5€. It’s so good.”

Codes of Conduct: What to remember as a tourist in Barcelona

Ditch the tourist-traps

“So, there’s this big campaign called ‘Tourists go home’, um, because obviously the city itself is being filled by all these businesses and bars to attract more tourists – they’re not very nice, and they’re ruining the essence of the city. In old and classic neighbourhoods, you used to be able to walk around these narrow streets and it wouldn’t feel like you were in Barcelona, but rather in a really old town – now they’re building massive bars and restaurants there, which removes that feeling completely.

So, an advice to tourists who are visiting the city – stay away from the big corporate bars/restaurants/shops, what they provide will be overpriced and not as authentic as the local places. Support the locals!” 

Respect the neighbourhood

“Loads of tourists get drunk in the streets, and they don’t really respect the neighbourhoods or the people living there. Like by the beach for example, there’s three clubs. And after this summer, they were all closed down, because the beaches were left in such bad conditions – tourists would just leave all their trash from the parties there. So, enjoy this amazing city to the maximum, but treat it the way you’d want your own city to be treated – with respect!”

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