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Miley Cyrus your new rock’n roll queen

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From the blond Hannan Montana wig, to the short rebellious “Bangerz” coupe. Pop sensation Miley Cyrus seems to commence any new music phase with a drastic new hairstyle. With the release of her latest EP, the singer shocked everyone by rocking a style identical to the role that brought her fame. The blond hair and bangs hint back to Cyrus’s Disney past, where she played a smiley fictional popstar. The 2019 Miley has added a big pinch of rock and roll and some loose curls.

Her latest musical project, the EP She Is Coming, presents a more mature Cyrus who’s developed her raunchier side into a grungier sound. From strong political statements about female empowerment in Mother’s Daughter to the emotional ballad The Most. However, to think that the controversial popstar steered clear from any controversy would be out of character.

From the rebellious party anthem Unholy, which features lines like “Wake up in the middle of a breakdown/Have sex on the table with the takeout”, to the music video for Mother’s Daughter, featuring balloon nipples and Cyrus cosying up with a stoic model, controversy is most certainly still present.

This combination of vulnerability and recklessness was mirrored in Miley’s, now legendary, Glastonbury performance, this past June. Joined by her father Billy Ray Cyrus and rapper Little Nas X, the trio performed the mass hit Old Town Road. Add her latest hit as a fictional pop star, I’m On A Roll from her performance as Ashley O in the hit series “Black Mirror” (complete with purple wig), and you have a crowd that goes through the roof.

While her set included a wide variety of excellent covers, from Amy Winehouse and Dolly Parton to Led Zeppelin and Metallica, what truly blew the critics away were Cyrus’s powerful vocals. Her performance of Wrecking Ball showed once and for all that the former child star has grown into a full-fledged performer.

With her dark, unique country voice the singer has proved herself to be a force of her own, rising high above most other female vocalist active in the industry today. Combine this with her undeniable strange presence, electrifying looks, and mischievous energy and you find yourself a star of undeniable magnitude.

Image Credit: RCA Records

It’s remarkable how Cyrus’s career, which is soaked in controversy, has managed to reinvent itself, constantly managing to remain relevant and refreshing. This latest rock and roll transformation perfectly feeds into the MeToo era. Speaking up for women’s rights to own their sexuality and beauty, something that Cyrus herself actively embodies both on and of stage.

While Miley Cyrus has turned a new page on her career due to her latest artistic growth, it might take a while for the world to catchup. For some she will for ever remain the girl who twerked on a Mtv stage with a big foam finger. For others she’ll be the living proof that you can truly grow into any version of yourself.

Featured Image Credit: RCA Records

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