Students encouraged to purchase TV licence in light of changing viewing patterns

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University students are being encouraged to check whether they hold a valid TV license due to young peoples’ changing viewing patterns being revealed by the Higher Education Student Statistics.

Younger people aged 18 to 24 years old are revealed to be watching more live TV than before. 

The Higher Education Student Statistics also reveals that the most popular television programs among younger people are reality TV, music and award programs, and sports.

Over the summer, the ITV2 reality show “Love Island” was one of the biggest hits among young people, drawing an audience of almost half a million viewers aged 18-24.

Dr Siobhan McCarthy, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, said that the rise of TV viewership among young people may be due to the bonding qualities of shared view-time. “Certain television experiences create ‘events’ that give people reasons to get together, to feel close and connected to others,” she said. “Sharing views on popular television shows can also become the building blocks that make students feel comfortable sharing personal opinions and forming strong friendships as a result.”

Students who reside in or are moving into student halls or private accommodation are being advised to get a TV license to continue watching, downloading and streaming live TV. UK law is that no matter what device you are using, you need to be covered by a Television License to watch the live shows, record them, or catch up with your favourites in BBC iPlayer. 

For further information and to purchase a TV license, head over to http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk.

Fergus Reid, a spokesperson from TV licensing Scotland, said: “There’s exciting new content hitting our screens in the autumn across the BBC and other channels, to suit all tastes and interests.

“We don’t want students to miss out, nor do we want them to risk prosecution and a fine, so whether they are living in halls or a house share, students can visit the TV Licensing for Students website to make sure they know the facts.”

Feature image credit: Flickr, TV Licensing.

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