Film review: Joker is here to provoke and entertain ★★★★☆

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Visually pleasing, thematically disturbing, audibly captivating: 2019’s Joker is nothing like we expected and we absolutely love it.

Director Todd Phillips’ new movie, Joker, has been undoubtably one of the most anticipated movies of the year and it surely didn’t let us down.

Phillips, known mostly for his comedy movies such as Borat or the Hangover trilogy, could not have been a better fit for this movie. 

If you expected Joker to be an action movie, in the nature of The Dark Knight trilogy, you will be utterly disappointed.

Even though, the movie’s story involves the Bruce family and, in a way, revolves around them; it mostly addresses deeper issues of the society we live in today. 

Joaquin Phoenix, and his astonishing performance as Joker, has pulled us closer to the world of a mentally ill individual, who seems to have a bad day every day.

Joker, aka Arthur Fleck, takes us on a journey of an unsuccessful clown whose only dream is to become a famous comedian and make people happy.

Arthur dances on the thin line of reality and madness the whole movie, and after a spiral of unforeseen events, he slowly begins to sink more and more into the craziness of his own mind. 

Even though the story might drag for a bit too long, the captivating cinematography makes every frame a painting and doesn’t allow the audience to get bored. The music tells a story beyond the image and the sound effects keep the viewers on their toes.  

The Joker is eerie and makes you leave the cinema feeling that there is a Joker inside of each and every one of us.

It makes you understand how important is to be kind to other people as you don’t know their story.

We get to see how cruelty can go a long way and how it affects the people around us.

We get to experience what it means to be a loser in this cruel world, and how hard it is to keep on a happy face.

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