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Run according to your personality

With the help of these apps, you'll soon be giving Bolt a run for his money!

You know when you see someone jog past on the streets in true Rocky-style, and you make that little mental reminder – ‘I need to pick up running again’? For most of us, that mental reminder gets pushed aside as soon as another, more interesting thing pops up. Call it laziness, call it priorities. But fear not, there is yet hope for your inner Usain Bolt to shine through! Here are 5 apps, which will make running more fun, approachable and exciting. Ready, set – download!

For the artist: Strava


With an extremely accurate GPS tracking, this running app allows you to let your creative side flourish – even whilst working out! Through running in various patterns across your digital map, you will be able to create artwork with your runners. Draw a dinosaur, an air balloon or the great barrier reef – the opportunities are endless – and the only limit is your imagination! (And maybe your endurance…)
Cost: Free

For the adrenaline junkie: Zombies, Run!


They’re getting closer, you can hear their deathly growls approaching – the only way to escape their rotten breath is to run faster! With over a million users world-wide, this entertaining running app is a perfect to add a bit of an adventure to your day! Not only will the jog leave you buzzing with endorphins and dopamine – but you will also walk away with a sly smile, knowing that you managed to escape those stinky zombies once again! Cost: Free, in-app-purchases

For the helper: Charity Miles


So, you can literally earn money for charity, by simply moving. This free running app functions as a connection point between individuals, charities and corporate sponsors – and so far, through movement, their members have earned over $2.5 million for charity! For every mile that you move when using the app, you will help by earning money for the charity of your choice – so get on it and improve not only your health, but that of your community too!
Cost: Free

For the minimalist: Human Activity Tracker


With its sleek look and cool animations, this running app has one goal – it’s designed to help you stay healthy. The goal takes the shape of moving for 30 minutes every day and keeping up with this simple habit. Using passive location tracking, the app will notify you on small measures and changes you can take in your everyday life as to increase your movement throughout the day.
Cost: Free

For the music lover: Rock My Run


If you prefer the sound of thumping techno to the sound of your lungs gasping for oxygen, this app is a perfect match for you! With unlimited music-streaming, it features workout stations by genre, activity and BPM. A true motivational boost, Rock My Run will get your heart-rate right there, levelling the intensity of Skrillex’s beats.
Cost: Free (Pay for ad-free listening)

And hey, if you’re a divergent soul, able to channel all of the personalities above – just get the lot downloaded onto your phone, and sprint your way to your very own set of stunning calves. If Forest Gump could do it, so can you!

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