Student evicted from Muirhead without notice

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By David Stainbank

A 16 year-old student was evicted from Muirhead House on Wednesday evening, October 2, without any notice from accommodation services.

The student in question went through a disciplinary process the previous week related to drug offences. He had heard nothing in over a week about the process before receiving an email Wednesday afternoon saying he had to leave his accommodation for two weeks whilst an investigation process was ongoing. The email stated that he had breached the accommodation contract, alleging that he had “intent to sell drugs to other students”. The student was told to pack up and leave as soon as possible.

Student Union Housing Officer Cian Ireland said, “I am working with the student to support him in anyway possible to solve this issue as quickly as possible. Members of the Tenants Union are currently housing the student to ensure he hasn’t been left without a place to stay.”

A University of Stirling spokesperson said: “The welfare of all students is of primary importance and we do not comment on individual cases.”

Featured image credit: David Stainbank

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