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This year marks 20 years since devolution and to mark the occasion the Directorate for Internationalisation and Partnerships and the Scottish political archive, which are both based at the University, are collaborating on a project.

The project aims to raise funds in order to create a graphic novel which will educate and inform readers using a combination  of text and visual images  about the history of devolution in Scotland, the way laws are made in Scotland and how the Scottish Parliament has changed over time.

At the time of writing, the project has raised £1000 of its £9000 target.


Dr Emily St Denny, a lecturer in politics at the University and one of those involved in the project explained how she got involved in the project:

“We came up with the idea for the book after spotting a gap: there are passionate people researching the Scottish Parliament, but a lot of what they have to say ends up in journal articles and lengthy books that aren’t widely read. Holyrood is fascinating! Non-experts should also have the opportunity to read a well-researched account of how it emerged, how it works, and how it has changed over time. A graphic novel is the perfect engaging and accessible medium for this.”

Explaining the reasons behind the project, St Denny said:

“Using plain language and through rich and vivid artwork, this book will introduce readers to the Scottish Parliament and explain how the democratic and legislative processes function in Scotland. It will also feature artistic reproductions of original archival material currently held by the University’s Scottish Political Archive, showcasing these rare and precious historical artefacts and, through them, telling the story of the devolved Scottish Parliament.”

In an attempt to raise funds for the book, key figures from the Scottish Parliament such as Keith Brown, who is the deputy leader of the SNP, Linda Fabiani who is a deputy presiding officer in the Scottish Parliament, and Jackie Ballie who has been a Labour  MSP since 1999, will attend a discussion panel on November 14 about devolution and the future of the Scottish Parliament which will be chaired by Dr Peter Lynch, a lecturer in politics at the University.

The event is free although donations are appreciated.

Tickets for the roundtable event are available here.

A link to the crowdfunding page can be found here .

Feature Image Credit: University of Stirling

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