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Live Review: Reverend & The Makers @ St. Luke’s

Reverend & The Makers treated Glasgow to a lively and politically charged show.

Despite the irony that is Reverend & The Makers performing in a converted Church – venue St. Lukes; everyone and their dad were there for a sold-out show.

With a setlist that spanned the band’s 12-year career, it is obvious that Reverend and the Makers are still the heavyweight champions of blending indie, dance and ska genres effortlessly. 

Within the setlist came new tune – Elastic Fantastic, a song which frontman Jon Mclure describes as ‘shooting Donald Trump with a bow and arrow’, taken from their recent ‘Best of’ album.

The highlight from the bands set, however, was fan-favourite MDMAZING which went straight into Bassline. With the lights flashing and plastic cups of booze filling the air, there was the reminiscent atmosphere of a teenage house party.

At one point frontman Mclure shouted ‘Take Sheffield with ye’ in response to Scottish independence and a cheer filled the room.

This animated and exuberant energy was reciprocated thoroughly from the Glasgow crowd which saw an hour and a half of laddish chatter and political talk that the audience followed like a service.

A mood of solidarity as the crowd hummed and chanted with Reverend & The Makers, mixed with a radical and bouncy atmosphere made for an exhilarating evening.

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