Live review: The Amazons at the Barrowland Ballroom

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The Amazons delivered a headline show in front of a near-sell-out crowd at the famous Barrowlands Ballroom on Wednesday night.

Touring to promote their new album Future Dust, they featured a setlist brimming with the new songs while also catering to older fans with familiar efforts from their past.

Lead singer/guitarist Matt Thomson was driving the atmosphere of the gig by injecting it with his signature energy. At every opportunity, the Reading-born front man would attempt to involve the crowd.

Photo Credit: Gemma Norwood Photography

Exemplifying the energy of the gig was the encore version of the band’s Black Magic. The buzz of the crowd finally reached boiling point with the chorus, as there were many fans sent flying across the ballroom.

However, songs such as 25 and Palace really displayed the other side of the band’s sound, with Thompson performing a piano solo for the latter.

All these performances were held up by lead guitarist Chris Alderton who has the talent for a catchy guitar hook, which really orchestrated the jumping atmosphere within the Barrowland Ballroom.

During sets, lead singer Thomson said: “Glasgow is the capital of rock and roll, there is no comparison.”

“Coming from Reading, it’s important to remember your roots. Barrowland, we thought this is what it’s all about.”

The Amazons looked enjoy their time in Glasgow and are one band which will likely see another opportunity to play in the ‘capital of rock and roll.’

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