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Theresa May in town on Kerr’s campaign trail

Theresa May has returned to Stirling to help out her colleague's campaign.

FORMER Prime-Minister Theresa May has arrived in town, ready to help out her colleague and incumbent Stirling MP Stephen Kerr.

In a Facebook post, Kerr said: “I’m joined today by Theresa May for a day of canvassing across Stirling.

“Mrs May has always been a big backer of our United Kingdom and it’s wonderful to campaign with her.”

Kerr stood side by side with May, along with a campaign team of around 30 people, holding up a number of posters with his unionist messages.

One said: “Stephen Kerr to stop IndyRef2.”

Another claimed: “Only Stephen Kerr can beat the SNP here in Stirling.”

He also took to social media earlier today, urging voters to “back the Scottish Conservatives and reject Indyref2020.”

Kerr wants to spend 2020 “moving forward, getting Brexit sorted, and spending the year talking about health, schools, climate change and infrastructure.”

He believes that in Scotland, it is a choice between that, or becoming “mired in two more referendums which will lead to a constitutional fallout.”

Stephen Kerr’s main opponent, Alyn Smith of the SNP, is campaigning on a pro-independence, anti-Brexit, anti-Conservative stance.

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