GlasGlow 2019 at the Botanic Gardens

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GlasGlow is an immersive sound-scape and lighting experience returning for its second debut. It combines the fauna and architecture of Glasglow’s Botanic Gardens with neon and kaleidoscopic exhibitions, synthesising nature and the tech into a futuristic landscape. Compared to last year, the project has had an extra £250,000 invested by it’s founder – Oli Norman, ensuring it was bigger and brighter than ever with 5,000 visitors on their opening night.

Credit: Dominic Cooper
The light tunnel before the arcade zone

This year’s event boasted nine distinct zones featuring an 80’s nostalgia trip through a retro arcade, a Halloween themed pumpkin patch and rave party in the glasshouse. Many of the arena’s are influenced by pop culture and movie references such as Stranger Things and E.T. However, the event also includes

The early nightfall during this autumn allowed for truly focused experience, with the exhibitions revealing as much (or as little) of the gardens as they needed. The path is engineered in a such a way that whatever display is hidden round the corner remains a mystery. To add to the interactivity of the event, actors are dotted about the gardens – whether it be the ominous Men in Black scanning passers by at the UFO crash site or the final boss challenging you to a dance battle at the end of the arcade.

But it’s not all so Hollywood, local schools and communities have all contributed to the pumpkin patch, carving out their own murals and messages. It really gives the impression that GlasGlow is an extension of the city, embodying its community spirit and creativity. To give back to the public, Itison launched the Pumpkin Fund which is committed towards fundraising a minibus for autistic children at Ruchill’s Highpark LCR Primary. The event also gave away 1000 free tickets towards ‘those who need it most’.

The total walk takes about sixty minutes if your in a hurry. However, if you wanted to make an evening of the night, you could get buzzed at the Wunderbar, accompanied by electronic light show. Alternatively, you could roast marshmallows skewers over open fires or enjoy the stunning food village at the halfway hub.

Credit: Dominic Cooper
The pumpkin king waits for you at the end of the halloween trail

GlasGlow 2019 has been the halloween event of the year, constantly surprising us with how much they’re allowed to transform the gardens into a wonderland. With an ever-growing budget and visitor-base, next year should be a spectacle you wont want to miss.

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