Election is a gift to Tories says Stirling SSP Convenor

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Over 3 years after the EU referendum in 2016 and with an upcoming general election on December 12th, Brig spoke to some of the political societies on campus about Brexit and their views on the upcoming general election.

Red Stirling who describe themselves as “non partisan,anti capitalist” with “ a range of opinions within its membership on Brexit,” said  “we would prefer a solution that protects the most vulnerable in society and does not rely on the working class to foot the bill” compared to the current EU bill which they view as “bourgeois power grab”

The society hopes the upcoming general election will resolve Brexit “and return a left-wing government” although also stated  “ Red Stirling as a society has a range of opinions amongst our comrades, including those with anti-parliamentary stances and as such has no one position.”

A representative  of Stirling University Scottish Nationalist Association (SUSNA)  spoke about their desired outcome for the upcoming general election saying “as many SNP MP’s as possible that would be the best, but I desire a hung parliament so the SNP can get as much for Scotland in that parliament”


When asked about the most desired Brexit outcome, the SUSNA representative commented that an “easy conclusion” to that question would be Scottish independence Despite this , they added : “for as long as we are part of the UK I think we should try to stop Brexit”.

The University of Stirling Labour society Chair Daniel Deery said the society had a “range of views on Brexit” but they believe “the best way forward is a labour government to negotiate a better deal to be put to the people in a referendum” , Speaking about a general election, Deery said the society “more than welcome it” and “look forward to the tories losing power”

Stirling University Conservative Society president , Luke Davidson referred to Brexit saying  “essentially that people are sick to death of hearing about it, and that passing the deal is by far the best way to move on and make the most of Brexit’s opportunities” .Davidson says a general election “has been a long time coming” and that he is “confident” Stephen Kerr can retain the Stirling seat.

A member of the Conservative society also offered their views on Brexit , saying they “want to leave the political and legal structures of the EU in a way that allows the UK pursue its own trade policy” and that “ideally” freedom of movement “would remain in place, too”. The member added “I am more convinced of the need to leave the political side of the EU, especially given its stance in negotiations, but the UK’s institutions have been weaker than I thought in 2016.” The member is “hopeful” about the general election as a way to generate a new Parliament to “pass the brexit deal”  rather than the “ineffectual parliament” at present.

Morgan Lewis-Wilson convenor of the Stirling University  Scottish Socialist party society said that “The Scottish Socialist Party backed a remain vote in 2016 as a lesser of two evils” although they “hold no illusions” about the EU’s “free market principles which have been historically harmful to working people”.

In reference to the EU referendum campaign of 2016, Lewis-Wilson says it was driven by “xenophobic, reactionary rhetoric straight from the mouths of right-wing buffoons like Boris Johnston and Nigel Farage.”. On the topic of Scottish independence , Lewis Wilson says “Brexit in general is undesirable, however the most desirable outcome in the eyes of the Scottish Socialist Party is the concession of a second Scottish independence referendum, “ because he says an independent Scotland would  allow “the working people of Scotland could choose their own path” rather than “being tied to the shackles of Westminister”

When asked about a general election , Lewis Wilson described it as “a gift to the Conservatives” due to the Labour Party’s “division” on the issue of Brexit. Lewis Wilson says the Scottish Socialist Party are “broadly supportive” of the “more radical policies” of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, although “we have no faith in Westminster for delivering the radical change we need”, and therefore although they will back the “anti tory vote” in the December election, the “end goal” is an independent Scotland.



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