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Looking to be a festive fiend?

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ARGUABLY the best features of Christmas are the traditions. Anything that can effortlessly bring family and friends closer together is always worth the effort.

There’s nothing more inviting than everyone gathering around to do something together. To make memories that you either smile or cringe at. If you’re really lucky, you’ll look back and be able to do both!

Now with the days being shorter and the nights being longer, we all have the excuse to dive into the festive life. Here are some traditions outside your own to try out. Not home? Bring them back to your flat and have fun with your flatmates.

Want a creative outlet? Make some pomander balls.

It’s always a fun activity to do with your friends and family. For Halloween, people carve pumpkins, and for Christmas, some decorate an orange with cloves. It sounds ridiculous but sitting down with others whilst making patterns across the orange is actually a refreshing break from…everything.

Credit: azurestandard.com

Not to mention the gorgeous citrus smell that fills your home. It’s the best way to block out everything else but the people you’re with. No need for Netflix when the competition to design the best pomander ball is afoot.

There are so many traditions people have in their lives that bring them that festive cheer we all want. With exams coming to an end, we all need something fun to look forward to doing.

Sometimes it’s something as simple as throwing citrus peelings on the fire to bring about that cosy wintry smell to the house every day.

Credit: gatheringbeauty.com

Feeling that decorative bug stir to life inside you? Make some of your own ornaments.

Do it yourself. Every year at the beginning of December, buy some blank baubles online or even clear ones and decorate one each. That way every year you can add to your growing collecting. Creating more memories to reflect on every year.

Burying your tree in home-made happiness and flooding your head with happy memories.

Sometimes, home-made things are the best way to go. There’s nothing more sentimental, not to mention the memories you made will be kept in them forever. Your friends might look at one you made together years ago and retell a story you forgot, but they never will because of your creation.

But you know, sometimes you gotta eat. So, why not get everyone together and organise a Christmas potluck?

Challenge your friends to get together with baked and cooked goods. Maybe even encourage some Christmas baking and decorating. Nothing gets people feeling more festive than blasting merry tunes and making a mess of the kitchen.

Credit: pinterest.co.uk

Like we all loved to do in our childhoods, only now we can do it with mulled wine!

What makes December so enjoyable is that despite the cold weather, it invites so many warm memories. Whether it be the annual time to curl up on the couch and watch every single Harry Potter film marathon-style or participating in an outrageous mega-hot chocolate competition!

Where everyone rallies together to create the yummiest and most delicious hot chocolate possible. Breakaway from the traditional recipes and throw together the yummiest and craziest concoction you can.

After all, one can never have too much whipped-cream or marshmallows!

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