Police vow to continue drugs crackdown following convictions

One man was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Police in Stirling have vowed to continue carrying out investigations into the sale and production of drugs in the area following a conviction at the High Court in Edinburgh on Monday (January 20).

Thomas Orr, 30, was sentenced to eight years in prison for drugs and firearms offences after police raided a house in the St Ninians area of Stirling following an intelligence led investigation into drug production and dealing in the area in June 2019.

The operation saw police with search warrants recover one kilo of heroin, a half kilo of bulking agent and a firearm from the property on William Booth Place.

Two others, 48-year-old Debbie Currie and 24-year-old Rebekha Fallens, were also arrested and were given 300 hours of community service.

Detective Sergeant Stuart Brodie said that these forms of investigations would continue in an effort to “rid communities of crime.”

In a statement DS Brodie said,

“Community based criminality affects the lives of local people on a daily basis. Investigations and operations such as these disrupt criminal activity as well as addressing the concerns of local people. I would like to reassure people that we will continue with these types of proactive operations, demonstrating our commitment to ridding communities of crime and its associated impact.”

Drug dealing was identified as a concern for residents of St Ninians by police at an earlier date and former-MP Stephen Kerr stating while in office that constituents had flagged their concerns about drug dealing in the area to him.

Featured Image: PA

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