Opinion: Brexit is done… or is it? Disinformation alert

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AT the time of writing this, it is the early hours of February 1. We have officially left the European Union to the disappointment of many in Scotland. 

Many are celebrating that Brexit “is done” and celebrating “having our country back”.  Even the Conservative had a try at a meme claiming that Boris “got Brexit done”. 

However, this phrase has come up a lot over the past couple months.  “Get Brexit Done” and now “Got Brexit Done”. Is it true?  You would certainly think so or know so since so many are saying it, after all we did just leave the European Union. 

But the simple answer is, no, Brexit is not done, and it won’t be for a long, long time.  Yes, we might have left the EU officially, but Brexit is most certainly not done yet.

Remember how if we didn’t leave with a deal, we would revert to a damaging WTO rules that would harm the economy, or how there would be queues at the ports in Dover. 

Well this isn’t going to happen today because we managed to agree a deal that involved a transition period. But let’s just hold on a minute.  It’s going to feel like nothing has changed. 

Freedom of movement is still around until 2021 at least.  But here’s the thing, that future relationship with Europe hasn’t been agreed yet.  That trade deal hasn’t been agreed yet.  Boris Johnson thinks he can get it done within the next 12 months.  The EU have said that’s not possible.  

What worries me is what’s about to happen next. Remember that meme that the Conservatives tweeted about getting Brexit done. Yep, that was tweeted from The Conservative Party twitter account. 

It’s this that worries me. The party of government are telling the country that they got Brexit done, when they know fine well it’s far from over.

Brexiteers will now start taking the damaging effects of Brexit and claim that we’ve left the EU and it hasn’t happened. They’ll claim the planes are still flying, that there are no queues at the port of Dover and that we can still access freedom of movement, and that all the claims that where made was just scaremongering by Remainers.  Was it though? No, it wasn’t, in fact it’s all still a possibility once the transition period ends in 2021. 

If we think back to the last year when we were constantly approaching deadline after deadline, businesses where facing massive uncertainty because of no deal.

Well later on this year we will be back in that same position. Why? Because we won’t have a trade deal or future relationship agreed with the EU.  Yep, that means we will be back in the exact same position at the end of the year. Brexit has been nothing but an absolute disaster. And all for “taking our country back.”

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