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Over £500 raised in the first half of Aussie Week

The money raised will go to organisations providing aid to those impacted by the bushfires.

Campaigners have successfully raised over £500 in aid for those impacted by the Australian bushfires in the first half of the week of action.

So far the group organising the charity work have held a quiz in the Students’ Union, held three coffee mornings in the Union, the Chaplaincy and in The Ugly Mug in Stirling City Centre, an open mic night in the Students’ Union and have had an information stand with collection buckets every day this week outside of the union.

Organisers are optimistic about the amount of money that can be raised over the rest of the week, with some of the main events taking place in the latter half.

Aussie Action Week schedule

A quiz and raffle will be held in the Kilted Kangaroo on Thursday night (Feb 6) in aid of Aussie Week.

A craft stall will also be held outside of the union on Friday (Feb 7) to sell the items made in the craft workshops taking place throughout the week.

A 24-hour gaming marathon is taking place thanks to the Gaming Society on Saturday (Feb 8), and a charity party will be held in Dusk Nightclub this Sunday (Feb 9).

Aussie Action Week was arranged by the Marine Conservation Society and is working in partnership with other clubs and societies to raise money for those affected by the Australian bushfires.

The proceeds raised will go to three different organisations that have provided aid to both human and animals impacted by the fires: WIRES, the Australian Red Cross and the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Featured Image: Brig Newspaper/HW

1 comment on “Over £500 raised in the first half of Aussie Week

  1. Way to go, guys! Keep up the great work. It’s a desperate situation in Australia just now, so every penny you can raise will help tremendously!



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